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School to school exchange programs
Exchange programs between Mihara Junior High School attached to Hiroshima University and Martin Middle School
1.Location of the schools
2.The year of concluding the agreement of a sister school relation
3.Outline of the exchange program

4.Details of the exchange program
@ i1jLetfs learn about 1st graders at Wahl-Coates Elementary School.
@ i2jInter-class exchanges by 4th graders

Location of the schools
Mihara Elementary School attached to Hiroshima University: Mihara City, Hiroshima
Wahl-Coates Elementary School: Greenville, North Carolina, USA
The year of concluding the agreement of a sister school relation
Outline of the exchange program
Using letters, e-mails, and videoletters, pupils at both schools exchange information about their own schools and classes, as well as their own countryfs life styles and cultures.
Details of the exchange program
i1j Letfs learn about 1st graders at Wahl-Coates Elementary School.
1) Objectives of the activity
By learning how students at their age are leading their life at elementary school, we want our students to know that there are children who have a similar life as theirs in a distant foreign country. At the same time, we want our students to get interested in Wahl-Coates ES.
2) Steps of the activity
@ What are 1st graders doing at Wahl-Coates Elementary School?
Students look up in a map where the state of North Carolina is, and exchange what they know about elementary schools in America.
Students watch a videotape about 1st gradersf school life at Wahl-Coates ES recorded when a teacher visited the classroom. (School announcement, special class(P.E), morning meeting, math, snack, working with words, lunch, and so on)
Students exchange opinions about contents of the videotape.
E Why can they eat snacks during break time?
E Why do they enter classrooms with their shoes on?
E Why do they line up when they move from one classroom to another or when they enter classrooms after playing outside?
E Classrooms are pretty and clean.
E I thought that figures were also written in English, but I was surprised to find out that they were the same as ours in Japan
A Letfs introduce attached Mihara Elementary School.
Students discuss what part of their school life they want to introduce.
E Scenes in which students are commuting to school by themselves in school uniform.
E Scenes in which students are setting the table for school lunch, and the menu of the lunch.
E Telling folklores.
E Members in the class.
And so on
They add a message to the photos of the selected scenes and mail them to Wahl-Coates ES.
3) Outcomes and issues for the future
As they saw pupils at their age and teachers on the videotape, our students felt close to Wahl-Coates ES.
Students came to have opinions based on the comparison with their own life.
Wahl-Coates ES has agreed that they show pictures of life at attached Mihara Elementary School at their Japan Festival.
As academic years start at a different time in America, it is difficult to continue exchanges among pupils.
  Additional remarks
PF In the academic year of 2002, we had both activities of @ and A.
In the academic year of 2005, after working on @, we introduced life at other elementary schools found in books. (May, 2nd graders)
QF Since we did not have pictures of the activity @, we posted pictures of the same activity offered in the academic year of 2005.
RF When we offered the activity @ in the academic year of 2005, we had students perform the play-with-hands songs along the videotape, letting them move their bodies and share the same activity with pupils at Wahl-Coates ES in the videotape. We believe that this reflects the effectiveness of letting them become familiar with English activities in the class of ginternational exchange learning.h In addition, we also thought that sharing the same activity through videotapes instead of having a direct contact, and singing and dancing with body movements using play-with-hands songs, is effective for pupils at their younger age. We believe that it is possible to introduce plays even to lower graders using videotapes in addition to art work exchanges.
T gTwo classes are having the P.E. class together at the gym.h
C gWhy donft they change their clothes to exercise uniforms?h

T gThey are dancing along a song at the morning meeting. Why donft we move our bodies together?h
Our students are performing the play-with-hands songs along the videotape. Students at Wahl-Coates on the screen as well as our students are all smiling.   They are talking while seeing the information about 1st graders at Wahl-Coates ES posted on the wall.
gThis play looks interesting!h
gWe want to try it, donft we?h
This is a part of the school introduction mailed to Wahl-Coates ES in the academic year of 2002.